A Unique Flavour for a Unique Conference

How we kept a sold out conference fresh year-on-year with dramatic themes

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International Live Music conference

Branding / Web design / Event design / Messaging / Content

Yearly branding in themes, Murder mystery, retro gaming and Superheros


The International Live Music Conference is the original music industry gathering. Originating in 1989, it continues to be THE annual international conference for the heads. With a limited invitation only capacity of 1000 delegates, it is held each year at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London.

Problems to solve

Each year’s conference would have its own thematic branding, based on issues faced by the live music industry and applied throughout the event at each touch-point and mirrored in its online marketing. We would work with the owner to create and implement these.

Challenges we faced

Making the brand stand out and communicate a story each year for the attendees. Time schedules for the event are contracted and fast-paced, with ever changing suppliers and multiple sponsors each year.


A yearly brand identity, conference website, conference branding and display, bespoke passes, 180+ page conference guide, 100+ page conference magazine. Press and social media advertising, branded screen displays, video promo, event photography and separate awards brand PowerPoint presentation.

Our Solution

We built themes from scratch each year that conveyed a story, from the first advert to the moment the delegates walked through the door, maintaining their immersion throughout the 3 days of the event. Working with the producer, we built the brand to give the delegates an unforgettable annual experience.

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Effectively communicating the theme on a restricted budget led to creative solutions each year. The introduction of new technology over the years created opportunities to extend the branding to displays and video screens.

Results we delivered

We were awarded Best Conference Bag Award at The Great Escape. Consistently achieved a Sell-Out Year-on-Year. Enabled five-figure Branding packages to be sold to support the event. Created unique sponsorship opportunities

‘Whodunit’ Murder Mystery

The one where the delegates are Investigators, called to a remote house cut off from the world and have to solve a crime.

M3H Design ILMC30 showcase

‘Superheros of the Industry’

The one where the delegates are Superheroes of the industry, from their secret base they continue the battle against the arch enemies of music.
M3H Design ILMC27 showcase

‘The Music Industry Game’

The one where the delegates are gamers in the 80’s trying to unlock the highest levels the mysterious game of live directly from the mainframe.
M3H Design ILMC28 showcase