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Martial arts hall of famer and stunt performer Sara Biskupska embodies commitment and determination; we echoed those values in a lean personal brand for her martial arts-based fitness system that had potential to scale to a franchise

Problems to solve
Kickfit had little or no brand presence and needed a ground-up identity build and positioning in a crowded market. The brand needed to show individuality and highlight key features of the workout and exercise system, challenge and results

Challenges we faced
No online awareness and little advertising beyond word-of-mouth was preventing the client base from growing due to time restraints and lack of investment.

Our solution
There was no better brand ambassador for Kickfit than Sara herself. Showcasing physicality and results of the kickfit programme through a series of photoshoots created rich content to project the brand across media. Supported by online and location advertising at gyms and in the local area through several campaigns.s

M3H Design Kickfit Branding

Creating a set of unique shots that were both captivating and demonstrated the range of workouts within the Kick fit program required planning and pre-shoots. Scheduling a photoshoot to fit with the client’s own workout routine was challenging, as it was an intense 4-week program designed by Sara to showcase the positive results of the Kickfit routines on her form. This created a tight time-frame for the shoot and website launch date.

Results we delivered
Once the website was launched, poster and social media marketing, Kickfit had an increase of new personal clients by 25% and added x3 new classes. This allowed Sara to increase her prices by 20%.