M3H Design Process Idea


Every project is founded on an understanding of your business and its objectives. By engaging in a discovery process with you, listening to you and asking questions we can define a solid brief and construct a strategy toward a successful outcome for you and your customers.

M3H Design Process pencil


Once we have identified the challenges and problems that need solving we go to work, looking at the structure that underpins the project. This phase involves working with you, through multiple stages to visualise the brief and create a blueprint for the execution of the project.

M3H Design Process Gear


The research and creative phases are now implemented into production cycles. Our designers and developers execute the deliverables outlined in the brief. Prototypes and final visuals are discussed and approved before launch.

M3H Design Process Heart


The project does not stop there. Once delivered, we assess the project’s impact, fine-tuning it based on a multitude of reporting options.

Creating a long-lasting relationship with our customers increases our depth of knowledge in your company, its customers and objectives, and can pay huge dividends in the long term.