Making ‘Big Data’ relatable.

How we used nature to sell technological insights

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Live Data Agency

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The Live Data Agency use knowledge of big data analysis to predict marketing trends and behaviours and relate that to client business models and projections.

Problems to solve
Making an abstract mathematical concept relatable and visually engaging whilst revealing tangible benefits is a challenge. Connecting ‘Big Data’ to insight and behaviour and trends amongst consumers was a challenging message to convey visually.

Challenges we faced
The client initially had a limited advertising and marketing budget. The product was a innovative in the field of live music. Many of the decision makers in the entertainment industry have little or no technical knowledge or understanding.

Our solution
The movement of large groups of animals, shoals and swarms conveyed the essence of the brand message in an engaging and visual manner. ‘Discerning information from complex patterns’ is the mission statement and fundamentals of the Live Data Agency brand. The analogy of swarm and shoal behaviour in nature led us to a set of beautiful images that created standout an communicated the brand values quickly and easily.

M3H Design Live Data agency Branding
Complications The Launch and advertising Campaign needed to be completed quickly to hit a major conference. This connected with budget constraints meant our creative process was truncated and fast tracked.

Results we delivered
The initial launch drew in 6 times the website traffic. The campaign secured 50+ solid leads which converted to a five-figure revenue in the first year. The success of this allowed the business partners to secure an exclusive partnership with a major ticketing outlet.